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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I finally get my own blog!

Well, I only have a few minutes at the computer before Mummy discovers me, so I have to be quick. My name is Alaidh, I'm 17 and pretty used to getting my own way. I live in BC right now, but I've also lived in Ontario and New Brunswick. I have also made a couple of brief visits to Quebec. I like to travel, but I'm much happier when I get home to my heated bed and Mummy's computer.

I used to have a sister named Sammie. She died a few years ago. She was a bit of a pain, but I tolerated her, and now that she's gone, I kinda miss her. She was a Maine Coon kitty that Mummy brought home one day. She used to bite me sometimes. That's okay, cuz I used to bite her back sometimes. She had lots of fur, though, so it was hard to get a good bite in. She was about 16 years old when she died 3 years ago. Mummy let me sniff her so I knew what happened. I didn't like that, but at least I knew she didn't just disappear. Anyway, I'm getting depressed talking about Sammie, so I'll stop now, but I might mention her from time to time.

In case anyone is interested, my favourite foods are ice cream and tuna water. I also like milk, cheese and icing...maple syrup's pretty yummy, too.

Anyway, I think I'll commence yelling at Mummy to get to bed. She gave me a good scritch earlier and I want more!



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