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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Time flies!!

Wow! I have a lot to talk about!! For one thing, I moved!! I no longer live in New Westminster. We moved across the river to Surrey. This apartment is so much nicer. There's carpet everywhere. Mummy says she liked the hard wood floor, but that it's much easier just to vacuum a carpet! I also find it much easier to walk slipping and sliding!

I sleep in front of the balcony door and have a perfect view of trees. There are birds in those trees!! I've even been out on the balcony a couple of times. It's much bigger than the old one!

This apartment also gets a lot of sun! (Well, when the sun is out, which it's not very often here in the winter...)

Now, what do you think of my new sweater? My granny knit it for me!

Mummy and I went to Ontario for Christmas and while there, I had my belly shaved - it was covered in knots because my fur is so fine. Anyway, Mummy was worried I'd be cold, so Granny made me this lovely sweater! I got lots of attention from the security guards when Mummy took me out of my carrier!!

Speaking of Ontario, I had a great time there! I got to sleep in a cool shoebox! Mummy brought a soft bed for me, but I liked the shoebox better, so she put my little heating pad underneath it.

You know what the best thing about going there was?? TURKEY!!

Here's a picture of me waiting for my turkey...Granny's standing a little funny because I kept walking through her feet:

I also got to sleep under the Christmas tree!! Mummy said I did a good job guarding it, too, because my stupid cousins Katy and Timmy never went near the tree. Rawr. They know how vicious I am!!


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