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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, I finally made good on my threat. I chomped on Mummy good. I'm not sure whether or not she's forgiven me yet, so I've hidden her camera, so that she can't take any pictures of the evidence.

See, the thing is, Mummy dragged me to the vet again last Saturday. Apparently Dr. Susanne said my little foot wound...which was rather big at first...has now gotten small enough to put a stitch in it. They seem to think I'm too old to be put under, so Dr. Susanne just gave me a local anaesthetic. Well, I have news for you: it still hurt.

Mummy was holding me while Dr. Susanne worked on my foot. I only stay still for Mummy, and I did, but I kept kicking, so it was taking a bit longer than they planned. At one point I saw an escape route...I needed a little extra traction, though. Well, when I need extra traction, I use my teeth...and I did...right into Mummy's hand!! Mummy didn't even flinch!! Dr. Susanne didn't even know I'd bitten Mummy until she showed her!!

Sue, the tech lady there, did some flushing of Mummy's bite wound (I feel so tough saying that), even under the skin, but it wasn't enough. It got infected...I'm sorry, Mummy!!

Anyway, Mummy has had to go into the hospital to get antibiotics...they stuck an IV in her arm that she had to keep there for 3 days!! Now she has some pills to take, but really, her hand is all healed up. Mummy's going to be good and take all the pills, anyway.

I wonder if hers taste like chicken...


  • At 7:12 a.m., Anonymous Directormll said…

    Well, Alaidh - I hope that your foot got sewn up OK. I'm sure that your mommy forgives you even if besides the vet bill you cost her an emergency room visit as well!!

    Hope that both you and your mommy are feeling better!


  • At 1:59 a.m., Anonymous Kasman said…

    Guess you made up for previous lost opportunities there. What a mean thing to do to mummy!

  • At 7:44 a.m., Blogger Candita said…

    howdy :0)
    sorry, you don't know me! but I am the poster of the crappy cat picture over at stuff on my cat:

    and well ... i just HAD to explain Crappy Cat's name to you! because i don't want to seem like a horrible kitty mother! so here is the story:

    when Crappy Cat was a kitten herself, she was a very scardy cat.
    There was a larger, male cat out in the front yard and Crappy Cat was backed up into the corner of the front porch so i picked her up. The larger cat came closer and Crappy Cat CRAPPED all over my hands!! she was THAT scared. It was pretty gross and pretty hilarious.

    We usually call her C-C for short.

    thanks for hearing me out :0)

    - Candy

  • At 11:25 a.m., Anonymous Kasman said…

    Has mummy found her camera yet?


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