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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I LOVE MY FAN!! might look like I'm angry in this picture, but I'm not. I'm quite delighted that Mummy decided to turn the fan on. The apartment is hot and it's very nice to sit in front of the fan to cool off. This is me just before I settled down on the pillow, with the fan blowing directly on me...well...every time it turned back this way, anyway.

Oh! Guess what?? Mummy is giving me some new food! I still have the same dry kibbles, but she's giving me some yummy wet stuff out of a pouch. Something called Royal Canin Renal...for kitties like me who have kidney issues. I'm still eating the Medi*Cal dry stuff, but the Medi*Cal wet stuff only comes in cans that are too big for me to finish before it goes bad. The pouches are the perfect size. Mmmm...


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