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Thursday, November 15, 2007

My secret lair has been discovered!!

I can't believe this! I've been hiding in here for a few weeks now and, other than the occasional treat that seems to find its way in here, I thought I was undiscovered! *sigh* Today, however, that annoying camera of Mummy's was stuck inside and started flashing. Can you imagine how annoyed I was??
Anyway, a few people have been wondering how I've been doing. Well, a couple of days ago Mummy thought she'd be planning my funeral soon, but after a visit to the vet and being pumped full of fluids, I'm feeling much better! I decided to show Mummy last night by walking back and forth across her head. She was not impressed.
I am having a bit of an issue a little irregular... This is probably why I got dehydrated: I didn't feel well so I wasn't eating enough or drinking enough.
I have a new thing I have to take now...for a little while,'s orangey and sweet and I don't like it much. Mummy squirts it in my mouth. She says it's so I'll poop. I hope it works!
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm also getting some new treats called glucosamine. They're yummy!
Wow, I get a lot of treats now...


  • At 11:35 p.m., Anonymous Kasman said…

    I also take glucosamine, although not with your obvious enjoyment. Considering what it's made from, it's no wonder you like it: mmm...yummy crustacean exoskeletons! LOL.

    Glad mummy has found her camera!



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