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Friday, January 04, 2008

On the road again...

Well, Mummy and I got back from our Christmas holiday travels yesterday and we're exhausted!

I got to stay with my Granny and Grampa. I like their house; it has stairs. Mind you, I'm getting a little slower getting up them nowadays. I really had no choice, though, and I think Mummy was happy I was getting extra exercise. My litter box was upstairs and my food was downstairs in the kitchen!

Another good thing about Granny and Grampa's house? They have a tree!! Mummy hasn't put up a tree since before Sammie died, so I haven't been able to sleep under it. Now, I used to climb the Christmas tree when I was a kitten, but I just stay under it now. Here's a picture of me under the tree!

Here's me having some food in Granny and Grampa's kitchen. They really spoiled me. I even got some turkey! I'm not really supposed to, but I can sure look cute when I want I get some.

We went to Montreal for New Year's...well, I went to Chateauguay, which is close to Montreal. I stayed at my mummy's aunt's house, which was fine, but I had to share with another kitty!

This is Maddie...the other kitty...

This is me stealing Maddie's food...

This is Maddie and me having a showdown on the stairs. She was way bigger than me and way younger...but she was afraid of me!! She knows how tough I am!!

Here we are in the living room. I'm ignoring her, the young whippersnapper!

Well, after two weeks of travelling around Ontario and Quebec, we had to come home. Granny and Grampa drove us to the airport last night. Here's me at the airport. Mummy let me go for a walk around the terminal. I got lots of attention!

We got home really late last night. I went straight to my food spot and bugged Mummy to feed me!! She doesn't know where I slept last night, but today I'm back in my nice clean heated bed...though it smells like a fresh mountain stream again!!


  • At 9:37 p.m., Anonymous kasman said…

    Alaidh, you're a rockin' chick-cat. Glad you seem to have enjoyed yourself but nice to have you home!

  • At 12:22 a.m., Anonymous kasman said…

    Alaidh, honey, you gotta stop scaring the crap outta yo momma with stunts like the one you pulled last night.


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