Alaidh's daily diary

Friday, February 22, 2008


Check it out! I'm on Stuff On My Cat again!! This time I'm in another contest. Apparently people find it funny when kitties sleep on their faces; I have no idea why.
Mummy submitted the above picture of me sleeping at Granny and Grampa's last Christmas. Their house was so warm and cosy, and I really liked that little mini-desk of Grampa' felt like a beanbag chair!!
Mummy is now regretting not sending in this other picture of me in a faceplant and defying the laws of gravity! I was REALLY comfortable!!

Mummy's always wondering, though, how the heck can I breathe??!?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Purring Gourmet!

Catfood Soup (serves 1)
1 part water
1 part canned catfood (preferably something for failing kidneys)
dash of glucosamine (if in tablet form, pulverise into a powder)
sprig of catnip (optional)
Mix together water, catfood and glucosamine supplement and heat in microwave approximately 15 seconds (microwave ovens vary, so make sure soup does not get too hot). Remove from microwave and stir to make sure all lumps have dissolved. Add catnip for garnish if desired.