Alaidh's daily diary

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodbye, big guy.

I only met Alex once and I hissed at him, cuz I'm tough like that, you know. Well, Alex had to leave us. He had a heart attack and, though his human - Mummy's aunt - did what she could to save him, driving all over to find a vet open, he did not make it.

Alex was a big kitty...a HUGE kitty! The picture below shows him with an American dollar bill as a scale, so you can see how big he was...this guy was over 20 pounds!

Alex was a fluffy guy, but he did get matted, so for the past few years he got a nice summer "lion cut". Check out that tail.

He was a good kitty and he'll be missed.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wow! Look at me on Stuff on My Cat again!! This made Mummy's day.
I kinda miss my evidence bag. Mummy took it away from me because it was getting gross...well, she thought so, anyway. I thought it was fine! Not to worry, I have a tent to sleep in now and hopefully someday my comfy warm bed will be back.
And don't worry! I wasn't really evidence in a crime!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All about my tail

Today's diary entry will focus entirely on my tail. I hope you are all impressed with its fluffiness and beauty. Mummy was scritching me today and she was quite impressed with how it looked at this time of year. Unfortunately these pictures do not do it justice.

I used to put my tail up like a little flag when I was trying to be cute to get Mummy to give me something but for some reason I can't do that now. Even when Mummy scritches me right at the base, I can't stick it up in the air. Don't get me wrong, I don't let it hang limp; I just can't display it like I used to. I guess it's one of the things I have to put up with in my old age.

I'm still really proud of my tail, though!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Look what Mummy gave me!!!

Okay, I'm not usually in the habit of posting twice in one day, but...WOW...look what I got!! This was amazing!! My sister Sammie used to eat raw chicken wings but I never got any. Mummy decided to see if I liked them now and...well...YEAH!! *munch munch munch*

Mummy told me I won't get this very often, though. I'm not supposed to be getting too much extra protein because of my kidneys...oh well.

I LOVE MY FAN!! might look like I'm angry in this picture, but I'm not. I'm quite delighted that Mummy decided to turn the fan on. The apartment is hot and it's very nice to sit in front of the fan to cool off. This is me just before I settled down on the pillow, with the fan blowing directly on me...well...every time it turned back this way, anyway.

Oh! Guess what?? Mummy is giving me some new food! I still have the same dry kibbles, but she's giving me some yummy wet stuff out of a pouch. Something called Royal Canin Renal...for kitties like me who have kidney issues. I'm still eating the Medi*Cal dry stuff, but the Medi*Cal wet stuff only comes in cans that are too big for me to finish before it goes bad. The pouches are the perfect size. Mmmm...

Monday, July 02, 2007


This is what Mummy sees at 5:00 am everyday. Can you tell me what's wrong with that? I'm gorgeous, aren't I??

Anyway, Mummy had the nerve to stay out all day yesterday...something about Canada Day. Whatever. I heard her talking about Ian Tyson, Kim Mitchell and April Wine on the phone - whoever they are. I don't really care because I got to sleep all day undisturbed.

I sleep a lot more than I used to because I'm 18. I don't think I look 18, but sometimes I sort of feel like 18. I have a hard time jumping on Mummy's bed now. She got me some stairs a little while ago. They aren't really stairs...more like a two-stepped Rubbermaid step stool. They work great, though! I have NO trouble getting up on Mummy's bed now!! Especially at 5:00 am...