Alaidh's daily diary

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alaidh cubed

Alaidh x Alaidh x Alaidh? Ack! My brain hurts! This isn't a math lesson!! I got a cube!! Well, okay, maybe a little lesson: it's a rectangular prism cuz it's longer than a cube. I don't care! It's cosy and soft!

Mummy took my heated bed away from me about a month ago because she didn't want me to overheat...and apparently it smelled like cat and she wanted to clean it. Of course, I prefer the cat smell to the fresh mountain stream smell!

Anyway, it's been really cold here! Not summer-like at all! Mummy noticed my paws were cold when I walked on top of her in the morning, so she realised I needed something a little cosier to sleep in. She found this cool bed at Canadian Tire of all places!

The pet stores she looked in had some similar, but they were leopard print...Mummy's not big on leopard print...unless it's on a leopard...